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After several years of experience, sales and distribution of electronic products through different companies, we finally created Techno-Supply, in order to meet the new expectations of the market. Customers, as well as international manufacturers, are looking for lightweight, low-cost local structures to remain competitive while providing high-quality service. Understanding and translation of the technical specifications, search for potential customers, interface with the various stakeholders, Techno-Supply ensures the perfect liaison between your company and the French customer's R & D, and purchasing services. We manage the supply, transport, import taxes, and also the after-sales service during and after the warranty period. Our collaboration is based on the long term, with our customers as well as with our suppliers.


in the Marine and Aeronautics fields

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We offer a range of products tailored to your specifications. In OEM to integrate, or ready-made finished boxes, our GNSS receivers are the most efficient on the market. Aerial drones, trajectography, machine control, vehicle without driver, bathymetry, hydrography, maritime work, scientific, military, agriculture ... our custom construction makes it possible to cover all these applications, all having particular constraints ... Introduce us your specifications , and we will propose an adapted solution for a good price, without compromise on the quality.


IIn the field of Marine and Aeronautics Sol / Air, we offer controllable VHFs by IP, capable of being operated by multiple operators through a local or remote network, local Ethernet, or world wide Internet. The user consoles can be dedicated or in the form of Panel PC and software. We also distribute a wide range of internal and external shipboard communication systems, such as Public Address, intercom, telephony, alarms, and Batteryless telephones, corresponding to IMO standards of the Merchant Navy.


Techno-Supply is  French distributor for Blueprint Subsea products. Navigation sonar for AUV, ROV or divers, Side Scan Sonar Starfish for background imaging, communication modems and USBL positioning by underwater acoustics ... Find more information on our French page :


Wind sensors, wave measurement, helideck, geo-positioning, USBL ... our range of sensors, (associated or not with a security system) is vast. We work on all types of applications, such as surface drones, AUV submarines, ROVs, ships, pylons, semaphores ... We distribute the associated software, and we can help the customer to make the integration. If you are supplier manufacturer of sensors, contact us for push your products on the French market.

Wy work with  Techno-Supply ?
The assurance of a very competitive price offer thanks to the savings of structures. Management of taxes import, and transport.
Availability of your interlocutor in English, a senior sales engineer, experimented, targeting all potential customers.
The key to a close collaboration from the local supply to the commissioning. For a french exclusivity, we show your products  on a dedicated web page,  we push it on our news letter, and we can do a mensual report. 
Techno-Supply takes care of the administration and private French tenders. We can answer in French and translate the necessary documents. The collaboration with a French partner in light and economic structure.
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Contact us at the following email address: contact @ techno-suppl ... .fr
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